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What is a Bellygram?

A "bellygram" is one or more 15-20 minute performances (set) which typically includes a grand opening with a veil dance, followed by a zill dance, a fast drum solo dance, and a free style dance around the guests. The last song of a bellygram set will usually be a modern Middle Eastern song that is easy to clap and dance to. During this song the belly dancer will get the guest of honor, if there is one, up to dance and show them a few moves & just have fun with them.

If desired, the dancer can perform multiple sets with breaks in between.

Cost: The cost depends on the number of dancers, the day of week and time of day, and the location.
Please call (404) 638-6530 for a quote.

Choice of Props: Silk Veils, Isis Wings, Fan Veils, Fire, Scimitar/Swords, Zills (aka finger cymbals, zagat)

Family Friendly Entertainment

Performances can be customized to be done in most any venue and for most any occasion. All bellygrams are meant to be suitable and entertaining for ALL ages.

We do not perform at all-male events such as bachelor parties.



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